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    Code of Conduct


    Lotus Hifashion work with many brands each have their own code of conducts to ensure that Lotus meet with international requirements and standards. Lotus has its own human resources and compliance departments; Lotus Hifashion is certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, WRAP, GSV

    Below is Lotus Hifashion’s General Code

    1) Child labor:

    We forbid child labor and all workers in the factory must be above the minimum age required by law.


    2) Forced labor:

    We insist on ensuring that all company staff join the company according to their own will and that the work is completely voluntary.


    3) Wages and benefits:

    We comply with the minimum salary determined by law and have developed a system to ensure that all salaries and overtime are calculated correctly and that all workers receive the rights they are entitled to.


    4) Working hours:

    We completely commit with the working hours determined by law and these hours are announced and posted for all workers.


    5) Discrimination:

    We prohibit any kind of discrimination among the workers based on gender, religion, color, etc.


    6) Disciplinary practices:

    We try to work in a positive atmosphere, which is free from any disciplinary action. Any disciplinary action resulting from situations that require it is undertaken according to a specified posted policy.

    7) Compliance and monitoring:

    We completely believe in the importance of transparency between us and our vendors in ensuring business issues run smoothly. In order to achieve this we have created a compliance system and team.


    8) Grievances system:

    We have a grievance system to ensure that all workers’ complaints can be solved through the factory management.


    9) Health and safety:

    We believe it is our complete responsibility to provide a safe environment for the workers to work in. In order to achieve this goal the factory has created a system with high standards of safety.


    10) Dormitories:

    We are completely committed to all local and international regulations.


    11) Environment:

    We have complete commitment to keeping the surrounding environment clean and safe. The same applies to the internal environment.

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