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    • Lotus Hifashion is committed to eliminating hazardous chemicals from our manufacturing processes, a goal we first pledged in 2009. This is in line with our historical commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). In order for this ambitious phase-out of hazardous chemicals to be successful, we believe we must engage and collaborate with other leading brands and stakeholders, including materials suppliers, the chemical industry, NGOs, regulators and others.
    • To further our commitment, we have joined the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Program, a global coalition of leading international brands in the apparel and footwear sector. ZDHC’s mission is to transform the global apparel and footwear industry by improving environmental performance and chemical safety, thereby delivering a safer and cleaner environment, with the ultimate goal of achieving zero discharge of chemicals in our product life cycle by 2020.
    • We acknowledge that our zero discharge commitment will require long-term dedication and allocation of resources.
    • Lotus Hifashion’s longstanding code of conduct (“A Shared Responsibility”) requires our business partners to comply with all applicable social and environmental laws, rules and regulations at their facilities and in the communities in which they operate, particularly with respect to water, energy, hazardous chemicals, air quality and waste.
    • We have a comprehensive compliance program, which requires suppliers to comply with all applicable environmental and regulatory laws. Key activities include:
      • Regular and detailed communications to suppliers on restricted substance lists (RSLs), conflict minerals and other regulatory matters
      • Training programs
      • Attestations
      • Detailed supplier agreements that include requirements on environmental issues
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